Twin Brook Capital Partners answers: how do deal terms differ in the upper mid-market from the lower mid-market?

Twin Brook Named Lender of the Year

Private Debt Investor asks Drew Guyette, Twin Brook Capital Partners: what resources do private equity firms bring to the table?

Garrett Ryan, Head of Capital Markets answers: If you agented a transaction for one of your portfolio companies, does the private equity firm often call you first for any follow-on transaction?

Angelo Gordon's Twin Brook Capital Partners Commits Over $1 Billion to Private Equity-Backed Healthcare Transactions

The Transformation of Wealth Management

A Q&A with Twin Brook Capital Partners' Betsy Booth, Director, on analyzing the shift toward independent channels.

Twin Brook's Drew Guyette on Current Market Conditions

Q & A with Drew Guyette.

More Vehicles on the Road

Andrew Hedlund sits down with six US private debt experts for Private Debt Investor's annual US Roundtable.

A Busy Time for Healthcare Investors

Faraaz Kamran joins the Mergers and Acquisitions Round Table in discussing which types of deals are garnering the most attention, how regulatory changes are impacting deal making and what to expect from the industry going forward.

Differentiators for Middle-Market Lenders in the Current Environment

A Q&A with Twin Brook Capital Partners' Trevor Clark and Chris Williams, Managing Partners


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